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Russian Lips Technique

Russian Lips in Beverly Hills

Russian Lips Technique in Beverly Hills

Russian lip technique in Beverly Hills is provided by Sutra Medical Aesthetics. Russian lip technique tends to shape the lips into a heart shape with more volume around the center. It basically lifts the lip rather than adding volume.

Russian Lip Technique vs Traditional Lip Filler

Russian Lip technique injects the product vertically from the base of the lip, moving outward toward the border. Rather than starting from the lip border and working inward, the injector works the product from the inside out.

Hyaluronic Acid Fillers and the Russian Lip Technique

Hyaluronic Acid has many benefits that contribute to Russian lip technique. It is controllable lip volume, gradually progressing treatment, easily dissolvable bumps, less bruising, and reasonably long-term results.

Candidate for Russian Lip Filler Techniques

The Russian lip technique might be the right fit for you If you have no previous experience with fillers. It’s for patients who want to enhance their cupid’s bow; but, don’t want to add excessive volume, or reshape the borders of their lips.

Russian Lip Filler Aftercare

You may experience some swelling and bruising due to multiple injection points. Keep away from aspirin and ibuprofen, take Arnica for bruising, rest with your head propped high the first hours, and use ice packs for the swelling.  Also, avoid direct sun exposure and saunas.


Find Russian Lip Filler in Beverly Hills

When looking for an aesthetician to get your Russian lip filler in Beverly Hills, try to find an expert. A reputable clinic always gets your needs done and exceeds your expectations. Search for best locaat Russian lip filler on Google may help.


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The Benefits of Treating Your Skin Right

A good skin care routine is only as good as the products you use.
Your habits towards your skin can help your it stay in good conditions. Prevention is always easier than correction.

Receiving aesthetic treatments like Botox, Dysport, laser hair removal, permanent makeup have an emphatic and immediate effect on your body which would boost appearance. Aesthetics treatments are some of the most effective ways of improving one’s appearance. Therefore; you get a better health, immediate and long-lasting results, increased self-esteem, low maintenance and finally self-confidence and self-satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Question on Russian Lip Technique!

Can I have Russian lip fillers if I have already had lip fillers?

You can absolutely have a Russian lip technique treatment if you’ve had lip fillers in the past.

How long does a Russian lip filler procedure take?

It usually take between 30 and 50 minutes. But you may need extra time for any used numbing product to take effect.

Will Russian lips affect kissing?

After any swelling or tenderness has subsided, Russian lips should not affect how you kiss and can even make your lips feel softer and more kissable.

Do lips swell more with Russian technique?

As there are several injection points with the Russian lip technique, you may find that you have slightly more initial swelling

How long does the Russian lip technique last? Image result

The Russian Lip Technique lasts between six and twelve months


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