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Radiesse® In Beverly Hills

Radiesse® in Beverly Hills

Radiesse® in Beverly Hills is provided by Sutra Medical Aesthetics. Radiesse® is made of   calcium hydroxyapatite and it is a dermal filler that is injected for smoothing moderate to severe facial wrinkles. It is also used for correcting volume loss in the back of the hands.

Radiesse® Procedure & Results

Radiesse® results can be seen immediately after treatment but the final results should appear within a week. The procedure should last around 20 minutes. The results can last up to two years before repeating the procedure. Of course, the duration may vary from one person to another. 


Targeted areas for Radiesse®

Radiesse® is basically applied on face where wrinkles and folds found. Precisely, Radiesse® injections can be used around the nose and mouth to treat severe wrinkles and folds. It also can treat deep scars. Another use can be for the back of the hand to fill lost volume.

Radiesse® vs. Juvederm®

Juvederm® is made of a hyaluronic acit gel that goes along with your body’s naturally-produced hyaluronic acid. And it is an alternative skin filler to Radiesse. There are several different Juvederm products that target different areas such the lips, mouth, nose and cheeks.

Before Radiesse® Injections

Before Radiesse treatment, you should avoid sun exposure, tanning, and waxing for 7 days before treatment. It’s also recommended not to use any exfoliating products 3 days prior to your session. It’s highly requested that you discuss with your provider any medical issues you may have.

Find Radiesse in Beverly Hills

When looking for an aesthetician to get your dermal fillers “Radiesse®” in Beverly Hills, try to find an expert. A reputable clinic always gets your needs done and exceeds your expectations. Reviews of Google Maps help you know better about the Radiesse provider in your area.


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The Benefits of Treating Your Skin Right

A good skin care routine is only as good as the products you use.
Your habits towards your skin can help your it stay in good conditions. Prevention is always easier than correction.

Receiving aesthetic treatments like Botox, Dysport, laser hair removal, permanent makeup have an emphatic and immediate effect on your body which would boost appearance. Aesthetics treatments are some of the most effective ways of improving one’s appearance. Therefore; you get a better health, immediate and long-lasting results, increased self-esteem, low maintenance and finally self-confidence and self-satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Question on Radiesse®

Which filler is better Radiesse or Juvederm?

It’s dependant. Radiesse lasts up to 2 years, while Juvederm up to 1 year. Radiesse is effective to treat deep wrinkles and fold. Juvederm is the more versatile skin filler brand and it’s better for lips. Therefore, there is no precise answer for this question and you and your filler provider can decide depending upon your case and your needs

how long radiesse last?

It can last up to two years; but, can be less in some cases.

When does Radiesse look best?

This filler is very fast-acting, and the results can be seen immediately. But final results with some enhancement should be seen within a week.

Can Radiesse move around?

No, it stays where it is injected. So it doesn’t migrate at all.

Is one syringe of Radiesse enough?

One syringe is usually enough to reverse the signs of aging and produce a more youthful appearance. However, if you are using this dermal filler on multiple areas of the face or additionally treating your hands, it’s likely you will need an extra syringe.  

Does Radiesse lift?

Yes, it lifts. The unique Radiesse formula provides lift in the areas below deep wrinkles and folds, diminishing their appearance for a more youthful look.


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