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Eyelash Tint 

Eyelash Tint in Beverly Hills

Eyelash Tint in Beverly Hills

Eyebrow tint in Beverly Hills is provided by Sutra Medical Aesthetics. Eyelash tinting is a non-invasive way to enhance your eyes  look. An eyelash tint consists of adding a special dye to your eyelashes. After that, you don’t need to mascara to darken your eyelashes.

Benefits of Eyelash Tinting

Eyelash tinting immediately improves your lashes. They will longer, fuller and darker. The procedure can add structure and definition to your eyes and entire face as well. Eyelash tint is low maintenence and you don’t need to waste time adding mascara everyday. 

Who is Eyelash Tinting Good for

Behind the beauty purposes for eyelash tinting, there are some other reasons a patient may consider tinting for. If you have a busy job with no time to apply mascara, go to the gym regularly, sensitive to make-up, or wear contact lenses; then, this treatment is best for you.

Eyelash Tint Duration

How Long Does Eyelash Tint Last? Generally, your lash tint can last about four weeks. The tinting is not permanent. Overtime, you will notice that the color or the dye will start fading out. After that, you can repeat the process after consulting with your specialist or provider. 

Eyelash Tinting Aftercare

We recommend our clients to keep eyelashes dry for 24 hours and to avoid oil based make-up products for the next 24-48 hours. Don’t touch or rub the lashes. Avoid putting back your contact lenses for a day. Finally, avoid swimming, saunas that may affect treated eyelashes.

Find Eyelash Tinting in Beverly Hills

When looking for an aesthetician to get eyelash tinting in Beverly Hills, try to find  an expert provider. A reputable clinic always gets your needs done and exceeds your expectations. Our staff are all well trained and experienced.


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The Benefits of Treating Your Skin Right

A good skin care routine is only as good as the products you use.
Your habits towards your skin can help your it stay in good conditions. Prevention is always easier than correction.

Receiving aesthetic treatments like Botox, Dysport, laser hair removal, permanent makeup have an emphatic and immediate effect on your body which would boost appearance. Aesthetics treatments are some of the most effective ways of improving one’s appearance. Therefore; you get a better health, immediate and long-lasting results, increased self-esteem, low maintenance and finally self-confidence and self-satisfaction.

Common Questions on Acne Back Facial!

How long should lash tint stay on for?

It should stay a month.

What happens if eyelash tint gets in my eye?

Eyelash dyes consist of peroxide that is a chemical used to activate the dye. Therefore, if it gets into your eye it can burn. We recommend keeping cold water next to you to use when necessary.

Can you get tinted eyelashes wet?

No, keep your eyelashes dry after tinting for at least 24 hours post treatment.

How do you sleep with a lash lift?

You need to find out a way to sleep with getting your eyelashes stuck or scratched with your pillow.


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