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Eyelash Lamination

Eyelash Lamination Beverly Hills

Eyelash Lamination Beverly Hills

Eyelash Lamination in Beverly Hills is offered by Sutra medical Aesthetics. Eyelash lamination is a perm for your lashes to give them a sharper shape. It helps straightening your eyelash hair. By this process, eyelash hair look longer and it can last between 6-8 weeks.

Who Should Get Eyelash Lamination?

Eyelash lamination is applicable on all types of eyelash hair. It is perfect for those who have unattractive curly eyelash. If your lash hair grow randomly and spread in different directions and does not look nice, then lamination suites you.


Eyelash Lamination Procedure

The treatment is done by applying several products to your natural lashes. These formulas lift up the lashes into an attractive upward curl, and optionally, darken them. The products penetrate the lashes, so the effects are achieved from within. The cure doesn’t get relaxed.

Eyelash Lamination Aftercare

After having eyelash lamination, we recommend patient not get their eyelash wet for 24 hours. You also should avoid rubbing or touching them. If you wish to apply makeup, do not make any contact between your makeup products and your eyebrows for 24 hours.


Eyelash Lamination Duration

Everyone wants to know how long eyelash lamination last. Generally, it can last from six to eight weeks. This definitely depending on how well you look after your lash. Following up with your provider instructions can maximize results duration and maintain your lashes shape. 

Find Eyelash Lamination in Beverly Hills

When looking for an aesthetician to get eyelash lamination in Beverly Hills, try to find an expert. A reputable clinic always gets your needs done and exceeds your expectations. Our staff are well trained and experienced. 

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The Benefits of Treating Your Skin Right

A good skin care routine is only as good as the products you use.
Your habits towards your skin can help your it stay in good conditions. Prevention is always easier than correction.

Receiving aesthetic treatments like Botox, Dysport, laser hair removal, permanent makeup have an emphatic and immediate effect on your body which would boost appearance. Aesthetics treatments are some of the most effective ways of improving one’s appearance. Therefore; you get a better health, immediate and long-lasting results, increased self-esteem, low maintenance and finally self-confidence and self-satisfaction.

Common Questions on Eyelash Lamination!

How long does a lash lamination take?

It takes approximately 30 minutes.

Can I put makeup after my eyelash lamination?

Yes you can, but it is highly recommended to untouch your eyelashes for at least 24 hours after your treatment.

How can I clean my eyes after eyelash lamination?

Gently, using mild products. Always wait 24 hours to do this, straight after the procedure.

Can I use eyelash curler after eyelash lamination?

No. After this treatment there is no need for any curler products.


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